Mobile Service is a van equipped with a Leva la Leva tyre changer, a wheel balancer and a compressor, all battery powered, to bring your wheel service directly to the customer

To tyre centres, workshops, service stations and generally anyone working in wheel service who needs a vehicle ideal for breakdown service, fleet management, automotive events and any other on-site activities. Efficiency, profitability and customer satisfaction.

1 - ARTIGLIO 50 Leva la Leva Tyre Changer

Ideal for car, SUV and commercial vehicle wheels up to 30”. Tyre changer that uses the "Leva la Leva" technology, completely eliminating, therefore, the physical effort and risk associated with damage to particularly delicate or diffi cult wheel rims and tyres, and simultaneously reducing working time on all types of recent design wheels (from low profi le to all run-fl at).

2 - Pneumatically assisted

Pneumatically assisted tyre changer movement. No effort and very quick to get the tyre changer in and out of the van.

3 - Wheel balancer

Electronic wheel balancer for car, van and motorcycle wheels. Special version for mobile service. It can be extracted from the side door and allows working comfortably outside the van. Lever-actuated motorized spin version, SmartArm automatic wheel size detection. Lever operated clamping brake.

A compact van, less than 2 metres high, ideal for moving in both open as well as closed spaces.
Completely autonomous, able to work even only with the batteries supplied. Where possible it can operate using the mains or the vehicle alternator
No cylinders or generators, it can also operate in underground car parks.
Maximum ergonomics and efficiency: you work outside the van, with the tyre changer fi rmly resting on the ground and the wheel balancer moved outside. Exactly like being in your own workshop.
Possibility to connect and use external devices such as power tools, jacks or power screwdrivers for the various operations using the 220 Volt power sockets and the 10 Bar compressed air line provided.


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